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What Makes a Good Team?

A team is a group of individuals, all working together for a common purpose. The individuals comprising a team ideally should have common goals, common objectives and more or less think on the same lines.

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Our Team:

Un-turn Down


Main Ride: Honda

Has been fixing bikes for a couple of decades

Rides BMX, Dirt Jump, Mountain, Touring, Road, Fat

Running down a dream


Main Ride: 2019 Santa Cruz Megatower

Began with BMX, rides fast and hard down the slopes

Pacific Coast Ride


Main Ride: 2019 Specialized Turbo Levo

Rides a bike farther than most, and all sorts of styles from BMX cruiser to touring and from mountain to road

Jay on his Epic Hardtail


Main Ride: 2020 Specialized Venge

Rides his bike a lot

Mark's chest


Main Ride: 2019 Specialized Levo Expert (The Green Machine)

Has been a Bike Peddler staple for years...

He is not what he apears to be


Main Ride: 2019 Santa Cruz Hightower

Is faster than Devin?

Packer's serious face


Main Ride: 2019 Santa Cruz Megatower

He's quiet, but not wierd

May or may not be dropping an album soon


Main Ride: 2020 Specialized Stumpjumper Evo

He may or may not be dropping a country album soon

The Inigma


Main Ride: 2018 Specialized Enduro (a pink bike, not The Pinkbike)

Secretly an undercover agent

On an epic ride


Main Ride: 2020 Specialized Venge

This guy is cooler than you

Riding out in the wild


Main Ride: 2020 Specialized Allez (it's a trout!)

A real outdoors man

Broken collar bone


Main Ride: 2018 Specialized Epic (The Pink Nightmare)

Loves machines with wheels
On A Bike Ride Overlooking Utah Lake


Main Ride: 2020 Santa Cruz Hightower

He may have a different bike today, it changes regularly

Al is RAD!


Main Ride: 2020 Santa Cruz Hightower

His first love: Mountain Biking

His love for mountain biking is only exceeded by his love for his classic BMWs

Wes in Moab


Main Ride: 2019 Transition Patrol

He prefers anonymity

Overlooking Utah Lake


Main Ride: Specialized Epic

Bike fitter and physical therapist

A Ride In The Park


Main Ride: 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper

This is a man of taste

If you know where he is in this pic, let us know and get a free sticker

Chicken Joe

Main Ride: Whatever he can get his hands on

Where is he even at?

A Good Boy


Main Ride: His paws

Cooper is the coolest shop dog ever

The Golden Boy


Main Ride: Santa Cruz Blur (The Golden Boy)

When he's not racing his bike or at his finance job, he is filling in at the shop

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