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Schedule Service

While our in-depth tune-ups and a major overhaul of components need to be scheduled, many services can be done while you wait, depending on how busy we are.

If you need tubes or tires installed, we typically can do this while you wait.

Is your derailleur not shifting how it used to? Our experienced mechanics can check it out, and if there are not bigger issues, a quick adjustment should take about 15 minutes or less.

Start by filling out this form.  Then we will contact you (as soon as we can and by your perfered method of contact) with an estimate and any questions we have for you. We will also inform you of when you can drop your bike off with us at our next avaialbe service opening. Our goal is to fix your bike to the highest satisfaction and keep your bike for as short of time possable.

We do not do major service on department store bikes. It's not you, it's your bike. Many times the cost of service will be as much as your bike is worth. We will do tire and tube changes or adjustments of brakes and derailluers where possable.

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